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ASTOR is a non-profit research and charity pool.

Our main focus is to provide high quality multiarch Docker images for Cardano. While initially maintained in Nessus Cardano we work with Cardano Engineering to eventually make this tech available upstream. Yes, these images also run on low energy consuming ARM devices like the RaspberryPi.

ASTOR donates 100% of the pool's margin to charity and rewards loyal delegators through monthly payouts.

Fixed Cost:340 ₳



ASTOR Pool is our vehicle to explore, praise, comment, contribute to various technical aspects of Cardano.
This is our contribution to "Making The World Work Better For All".

Here is how you can spin up a container based relay ...

	docker run --detach \
	    --name=relay \
	    -p 3001:3001 \
	    -v node-data:/opt/cardano/data \
	    nessusio/cardano-node run

The project behind this tech is Nessus Cardano.

Details about container configuration and additional built-in functionality are here.



26-Jun-2021   Fifth round of payouts to loyal delegators
  • For the [266..272] period, we could payout 699 ADA to 18 delegators.
15-May-2021   Upgrade to cardano-node-1.27.0
  • Upgrade to cardano-node-1.27.0
  • Migrate k8s node configuration to StatefulSets
  • Add support for testnet configs
26-Apr-2021   Third round of payouts to loyal delegators
  • For the [254..260] period, we could payout 849 ADA to 14 delegators.
14-Mar-2021   ASTOR has paid out the first dividend to loyal delegators
  • For the [242..248] period, we could payout 425 ADA to four delegators.
06-Mar-2021   Added support for Kubernetes and Docker Compose
  • Also, split nessusio/cardano into cardano-node and cardano-tools
30-Dec-2020   Nessus provides multi-arch Cardano node images
  • Multi arch docker images for amd64 & arm64
  • Built-in topology updater
  • Built-in gLiveView


Connect your HW wallet to and choose this Stake Pool ID ...



We use 100% of the pool's margin to plant trees with Plant-for-the-Planet.




We are planning to accumulate/reinvest charity ADA for a while and then donate it in a lump sum.



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