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[ASTOR] Docker, Plutus, Non-Profit, Charity

Every month, we split the pool rewards among our loyal delegators.
The longer you stay with us, the larger the pot you qualify for.
The effective delegator cost is minimal.

Historical payout stats are here and current pool stats here.


[IOHK] Delegation from the Cardano Foundation

Truly honoured, grateful and humbled to have received this generous delegation from the Cardano Foundation.

Astor has been providing multiarch Docker images for Cardano.
This makes it possible to run a node on low cost ARM devices (e.g. RaspberryPi4)


[Tech] Cardano on RaspberryPi4

You can spin up our tech on a RaspberryPi4 like this.

[Charity] Pool margin goes to charity

With the 1% pool margin we plant trees.

Address: addr1q9kn89...


[Tokens] How to swap your Astor tokens

Loyal delegators receive Astor tokens, which they can send to a Plutus smart contract to swap for real Ada.
The reedeem address and expiry date are documented in transaction metadata.

[Delegate] You're welcome on board!

Connect your HW wallet to and choose this Stake Pool ID ...



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